Welcome to the Bear Market Studio of chainsaw artist Art Hilger

Wood has always fascinated me. Its texture, grain, color, strength, even the smell of it has innate beauty before any artist seeks to alter its shape-- and when he does, it is with acknowledgment of nature’s original design.

        A log, though severed from the earth, continues to live. It breathes in air and moisture, swells and shrinks to change its size, changes color according to sunlight exposure, and it has colorful striations caused by molds that are introduced into the wood by parasites.

      Before carving, before the saw is throbbing, even before the bark is removed, I study this log, this piece of living wood. I check to see how it will crack as it dries. I locate the pith and center it away from important focus points. I feel the rings and heft its weight to study moisture content. Some logs tell you what they can be, or not be, and running against the grain will not work. Other logs let the saw run free, slicing arcs, S curves, accepting plunge cuts and lateral slices, as the artist frees the creature or abstraction within.

       I carve to discover the beauty of wood, the beauty of human design when mixed with the beauty of nature. I carve to give the wood expression and in so doing, I express myself.


 Art Hilger  

 Chainsaw art & wood sculpture.

 247 Market St.

  Lockport, NY  14094 

Please take a stroll through my virtual galleries to view chainsaw sculptures of people, birds, bears and other animals. I also do custom carving so contact me with your dream project.

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